Well ordered directions to widen your social visa in Bali

Well ordered directions to widen your social visa in Bali

Our association BaliBusinessConsulting is continually arranged to make your stay on Bali more pleasing and accept control over all visa increase strategies (check costs here). Notwithstanding, if you wish to manage everything in solitude, we can empower on the most capable strategy to you can expand your social visa in Bali yourself.

Social visa expansion method on Bali

Social visa can be significant for 30 or 60 days with an option of 4 increases for 30 days each. For the first and second developments, files must be submitted 7 days before visa expiry day, exchange expansions must be begun 14 days before the expiry date.



Crucial: for each settlement of reports for extension, the help is required to go to eye to eye. https://www.lsm99-online.com/ Consider while asking for that someone be your help. If you got your sponsorship letter and distinctive records to apply for increase autonomous from any other person in our office (check purposes of enthusiasm here), we guarantee that the help will be there for each extension methodology.


Letter of affirmation, with exceptional stmp Materai (sort of letter and stamp can be taken in Immigration office). Bolster signs to complete the process of everything;


There is an arranging organization structure set for hopefuls, and you should take a number ticket at the section to the Immigration office. The date of the accompanying visit will be noted on the portion receipt that you will perpetual supply of records.

Upon the landing of game plan, you ought to go to the Immigration office to pay the extension (furthermore on a coating premise) and get a portion receipt containing the date of visa release. On your third visit, before issuing your visa, development officers will have a case of your stamp, fingerprints and a photograph. Biometric data are assembled once per 1 one visa authenticity term. For ensuing visa growthes, fingerprints won’t be accumulated.

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